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Kodiak Update
-Changing Lives in Bina-

MAF is continuing to expand the use of the Kodiak aircraft across the island. We selected some photos to show on of our Kodiaks at a new mission station which is being built in the highlands.


First you see the Kodiak parked at the top of the airstrip and off in the distance you can see a small structure. This is one of the homes which is being built by new missionary families called to serve the people who live in the village of Bina.

The people of Bina built this airstrip several years ago, in the hope that someone would come and tell them about this Jesus that the neighboring villagers were describing. They waited for years and finally, one of the mission groups working here in Papua learned of Bina and the hope of the people there. As a result, two new mission families have decided to move into Bina and bring the good news of the Gospel to people hungry to hear.

The photo (at left) shows a view from the house looking up at the airstrip, and the faces of the happy people, working together with their new missionary families.

The Kodiak is providing a life line, delivering building supplies to get the houses and facilities in place. This photo is a shot inside the house. All the equipment you see was brought in by MAF’s Kodiak.

The Kodiak will also be used to carry medical supplies, provide air ambulance services, deliver fuel and supplies for development projects, connecting the people of Bina to the outside world.