About us




At Cross of Christ, our mission is to

reach and renew people for God. 

We envision creating a Kingdom

presence in our community.



  • Biblical Authority - God has spoken to us through the Bible and we recognize it as the final authority for our lives.

  • Intimacy with God - God desires an intimate relationship with each of us.

  • Relevant Environments - Every environment should be designed to effectively connect with its target audience.

  • Relational/Servant Evangelism - God's message of forgiveness through Christ is effectively conveyed within the context of acts of kindness and personal relationships.

  • Authentic Community - Accountability, belonging, care and spiritual growth happen best when we have strong relationships with other believers.

  • Strategic Service - Our spiritual gifts have maximum impact when exercised in support of our strategy.

  • Intentional Mentorship - We are responsible to pass along to others the knowledge, skills and opportunities that have been entrusted to us. 

Pictured: Pastor Chad performing a baptism.

our STAFF:
Chad Murphy

Senior Pastor


Mike Dirks

Worship Director


Britta Maly

Children's & Youth Minister

Youth: cofcccyouth@gmail.com

Children's: crosschildren@outlook.com

Darlene Carlson

Office Manager


Jeannette Yozamp

Financial Manager


Vic Sayler
our Board Members:
Dave Callaway

Board Chair

Worship, New Friends, and Connection Cards Liaison

Tom Gerber

Building & Grounds Liaison

Jeannette Yozamp

Women's Ministry Liaison

Lisa Todd


Youth & Children's Ministries Liaison

Walter "Wally" Erickson

Sunday Bible Studies Liaison

Sue Schneller

Missionaries & Prayer Chain Liaison


Jim Petersen
Vic Sayler

Men's & Hospitality Ministries Liaison