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Congregational Care Ministry

Reach Out and Help Someone!

A perfect way to help others or allow others to help you!

​Congregational Care Ministry reaches out to people through physical means, prayer support and hospitality. There are a variety of opportunities for us to help others or for us to allow others to help us.


When someone in the family is ill or in the hospital, or even celebrating the birth of a new child, we make sure that getting dinner on the table is not another thing they need to think about.Your time commitment to this ministry is very minimal. Just sign up to be on the list of volunteers. When a need for a meal arises, we call people on the list who are close to where they live. You can make a meal or pick something up at Boston Market or someplace else quick and easy!
Contact: Kate H - call the church office at (952) 469-3113


​This ministry is set up to call everyone within our congregation a couple times each year. The time commitment involves one night a month for a few hours. This contact is critical. Sometimes it is our only way of getting people the prayer or support they may need.
Contact: Juanita B - call the church office

Prayer Group - Men's

Saturday Morning Prayer

Weekly at7:00 AM in the fireside room.
Ron H

​Sunday Morning Prayer

Prayer Team members are in the sanctuary following worship service. Look for those with "prayer Team" badges.
Juanita B

24/7 Prayer Chain

Prayer support for everyone!
Evening:Juanita B
Daytime: Lorraine A

​Pregnancy Prayer Partners

Women partnering with expectant mothers to give them encouragement and prayer support throughout the pregnancy and birth of their child.
Linda D

​All questions regarding prayer can be directed to Juanita B


Do you enjoy visiting people who are in the hospital? This is the ministry for you!
Contact: Office (952) 469-3113


​Are you someone who likes to clean??? (Yes, there actually are people like that in our church family!!) There are times when a family becomes overwhelmed by a situation or illness, and we offer to step in and help with the housekeeping chores.This could involve cleaning the house, doing laundry, washing dishes, etc. Time commitment is minimal.
Contact:Office (952) 469-3113


​Do you have a vehicle and are you available to drive people to medical appointments or even to church on Sunday mornings? This could be a one hour per week commitment, or a one hour per month commitment.
Contact: Office (952) 469-3113

​If you would like to become involved in any of the Congregational Care Ministries, please contact the church offices with your questions or to sign up at (952) 469-3113.